38 Bozrah St Ext, Bozrah Connecticut 06334, United States

Rules & Regulations

Odetah Camping Resort is a private camping area that hosts families and outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and leisure in a safe friendly environment. Many of our policies have been set to ensure that all of our guests have an enjoyable camping experience.

Respect has always been the most honored ethic in camping. Odetah asks our guests to uphold and honor this at its highest standard with a respect for nature, other campers and Odetah’s facilities. Thank you all for your understanding and for doing your part in keeping Odetah a safe, friendly and trusting environment.


All activities are subject to change without notice.  Please check the printed flyers at the front of the office and online at www.odetah.com for the most up-to-date activity information.  Activities are planned far in advance, please expect some deviation from the printed brochure.  Some activities do require a nominal fee and that will be indicated online or on the printed flyers at the office.  Some activities do require that you sign up in the office prior to the event to participate and will be noted as such.  Refunds will not be issued for activities that do not require an additional fee and are moved, substituted and/or cancelled.


You will find a backflow preventer located on every site’s water connection because we are on a city water system. Please note that these are not water pressure regulators and need to remain fastened during your stay and left during departure.  Our city water pressure is 80 lbs. Pressure regulators are suggested.


Bicycles must observe 5 MPH speed limit. No bike riding after dark. State law requires that children under 16 wear a helmet. Park bicycles in bike racks, do not block sidewalks or doorways. Obey no-bike areas. For safety reasons bikes MUST be walked, NOT RIDDEN in the main driveway area between the gates or within the visitor parking lot.  Staff reserves the right to remove any bicycle from any guest who continues to disregard the rules.  Scooters, roller-blades, Heelys, skateboards or any device that our staff feels is a danger are not permitted.


Boats are NOT permitted beyond the bridge. Life preservers are required for each person in a boat. All boaters must observe the weight limit of the boats and our staff reserves the right to limit the number of people per boat for safety reasons.  Those under 18 must wear a life preserver at all times in the boat.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and may not rent single person kayaks or paddle boards.  Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian complete the boat rental agreement.  No gas powered motorboats or jet propelled watercraft are allowed. Electric trolling motors, peddle, paddle, and sail are all allowed. Your own boat is welcome and may be kept onshore ONLY in the designated area near our boat shed but NOT at our dock. You leave your boat at your own risk.  Any boats left on shore after October 31 will be considered abandoned and will be removed by Odetah.


Please make note of the posted business hours as they do change.  Hours are posted in the following locations: entrance doors of store, electronic boards outside each bath house, Scoop Shack and the Oasis. Please note that not all venues are open every day of the week and hours are subject to change without notice.  We make no guarantee either expressed or implied as to the availability of amenities at any time and refunds will not be issued for amenities not available during your stay.


Never leave a fire unattended. Fires are only permitted in grills and fire rings provided. Fires must be out before retiring for the night. DO NOT move fire rings from original location.  Due to the risk of disease and insects, firewood may not be brought in from outside Connecticut.


Cancellation Policy:

You must cancel or move dates with at least 7 days notice from the date of arrival in order to receive a full refund or transfer of payment minus a $25.00 service fee. Any cancellation or date transfer less than 7 days in advance of arrival for your site will result in loss of ALL PAYMENTS MADE- NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any reservation made less than 7 days in advance for your site will automatically forfeit all payments to Odetah in the event of a cancellation or attempt to change dates of stay.  NO REFUNDS ON ANY HOLIDAYS- Holiday reservations are ALL SALES FINAL.  Holiday reservations cannot be moved to different dates, are non-transferable, and non-refundable.


Car passes or seasonal sticker must be visible at all times. Every vehicle must be registered and have a pass.  Vehicles with no pass may be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.  Any vehicle with no pass or sticker will be required to go to the office prior to park entry.


For all NON HOLIDAY reservations: You may change your arrival and departure dates as follows, minimum number of nights must be maintained at all times. You may change your arrival or departure dates a minimum of 7 days in advance of arrival date without penalty ($10.00 service charge will apply). You may extend your stay by arriving on an earlier date and/or departing on a later date (subject to availability) at any time without penalty as well. You will not be permitted to move your reservation entirely from the original dates or shorten your stay if it has not been done the minimum number of nights prior to arrival as listed above. After the minimum number of nights to make this change has past you are responsible for all charges resulting from the original dates and number of nights booked.  (See Cancellation policy above for more details.)


When you place your reservation you will receive a confirmation letter automatically if you have a valid email address on-file with us. Paper confirmations are only mailed out upon request. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive a letter and review it for the accuracy of the information regarding your reservation. If you do not receive your electronic confirmation please call the office and we will verify your information and attempt to resend it. Please check your junk folder and email settings as our letters are sometimes blocked as spam.


All reservations are required to have a credit card on file in the name of the person listed on the reservation.  This card will be charged for any incidentals or unsettled balances at the time of check-out unless alternate arrangements have been previously made prior to check-in.  All credit card data is encrypted and stored electronically at an offsite facility for maximum security.  NO RESERVATION WILL BE TAKEN WITHOUT A CREDIT CARD ON-FILE.  The Credit Card on file for the reservation must match the name on the reservation, NO EXCEPTIONS. Credit card must be shown at check-in.  You also agree to NOT dispute any credit card charges until attempting to first resolve the issue with Odetah and pay the amount charged pursuant with cardholder agreement.


Check-In is 3:00PM Check-Out is 12:00PM.  A $5 per hour fee is assessed for ALL early check-ins and ALL late check-outs and is subject to site availability.  **Late check out is NOT available during the “Summer Camping Season”. **  Please check with the office prior to your arrival.  No one may enter the park early if their site is not ready for check-in. Primary name on your reservation MUST be the person checking in. No sites will be permitted to check-in without this person present. NO EXCEPTIONS. ID may be requested. Credit card in the name of the primary name must be presented at time of check-in.

You are required to notify the office if you plan to depart past the 12:00pm checkout time.  If there is an arrival due on your site you will need to checkout on time.  No one may stay on property past the posted checkout time if they are not checked-in on a site.  Please notify the office if you will be arriving past our normal business hours to avoid being considered a No-Show.  There are NO REFUNDS to be issued for an early checkout.  Once you check-out your site will become available as a rental. After checking out you are no longer permitted past the gates. All vehicles are to stop at either the Guard Shack or Main office prior to entering the park.  It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information including but not limited to: dates of stay, number of people, address, charges, etc on your reservation. Also remember to return your rental unit key(s) if applicable as there is a $10.00 charge for all lost or not returned rental keys.


We currently offer delivery to site (Site Service) as a service to our guests for items purchased at the Store or Oasis only.  In order to deliver Oasis items to site the order must be pre-paid on a credit card, posted to site (if applicable) or paid at the window prior to delivery.  People performing the delivery cannot accept payment for the order.  There is a $20 minimum Oasis purchase to qualify for free delivery.  Retail items that are purchased in person can be delivered to your site following payment.  There is a minimum $20.00 purchase in order to qualify for free site delivery of retail items.  Please note that the Oasis is more than happy to accept orders via phone however retail purchases must be made in person.


We do allow campers to leave their camper here for a daily fee between reservations if they are not staying here.  When dry camping is in effect on your reservation you are only allowed to have your unit here, you are not permitted to use the park amenities or access the park past the main driveway and wristbands will be deactivated during the dry camping period.  Anyone seen using the amenities, accessing the park or staying overnight while on the drycamping rate will be charged the full prevailing rate for the night.  This is referred to as dry camping.  We have one set rate whether you leave your unit hooked up to utilities or disconnected.  Please note that dry camping is only available in the fall after Labor Day from Sunday to Thursday (excluding the Sunday of Columbus Day Weekend) and is subject to site availability. Dry camping nights DO NOT count towards total number of reservation nights.  For example booking a Fri and Sat, dry camping during the week and returning the following Fri, Sat does not count as a stay of 7 or more nights for the weekly rate.  In order to book dry camping you must call the office as this rate is not available for online bookings.


Please send all general inquiries to Odetah via our main email address [email protected]. Please allow at least two (2 to 3) business days for a response. Depending on the time of year we receive a high volume of email. If you have an issue that requires a more timely response please feel free to call the office. You will never be asked to send sensitive information such as account or credit card numbers via email. Certain things cannot be completed via email such as checking site availability (you can do that through our website), booking new reservations, cancelling or changing existing reservations. Those inquiries will require a phone call to the office. Not all staff has access to incoming email messages. Email messages are not for emergencies as the inbox is not monitored constantly.


Be respectful of staff and other campers.  We aim to provide you with top notch service in a family environment however we have zero tolerance for threats, intimidation, racial slurs, profanity, etc directed towards staff or other campers will not be tolerated will result in immediate removal from the property and possible police action.  Please refer any issues you may have with our staff to a supervisor or manager.


When booking it is your responsibility to inform our staff of your requirements. We have Full Hookup and W/E/G sites available and they are both clearly marked on our maps. If you are in question please ask. You must provide our staff with an accurate length of your unit if camping with an RV so that we can ensure you will fit on the selected site. You must also alert us to what your electrical requirements are (if applicable) as there are sites with only 30amp, only 50amp and some with both. Under no circumstances do we allow or support the use of any type of equipment which alters the electrical output of our electrical box by connecting the 30amp and 20amp plugs (e.g. a cheater box, etc).  Please note that no refunds will be issued in the event you did not provide the information required to accurately place you on a site or if you selected the incorrect site when booking online.  We do not allow Air Conditioners to be used in our Standard or Deluxe cabins or yurt rental units/ fans and small heaters are welcome.


The site registrant is responsible for the actions of all campers and visitors on the registered site.  Any damages to Odetah property will be charged to that site and the site registrant will be responsible for the immediate payment of said damages.  Damages charged to the registrant will be placed onto the on file credit card unless other arrangements are made prior to check-out.


Bring any found items and find items lost at the main office front desk.


Please be respectful of your neighbors and refrain from making excessive noise at any time.  Amplified instruments are strictly prohibited.  You must comply with any staff request to turn down volume or discontinue noisy activities if it is deemed to be a nuisance to others.  Noisy activities include but are not limited to the following: musical instruments, radios, tv’s, power equipment.


All online reservations will require the creation of an account to book. Please use the “forgot password” button if you need to retrieve your password. All reservations booked online will require payment in full via a credit card at the time of booking. You will receive a confirmation letter automatically upon completing the transaction. Please ensure the accuracy of the information and contact the office immediately if there is a discrepancy so that it can be rectified. At this time reservations can only be created online, if you need to cancel or change your reservation you will need to CALL the office. We cannot process reservation changes via email. When booking online please remember that all sites are first come first served when selecting and the site will go to the first person to complete the transaction. When booking online it is your responsibility to ensure that the site you are selecting will meet the requirements for your camper if applicable. No refunds will be issued if you are unable to fit your unit on the site or if the electrical hookup or sewer hookups are incorrect.


Keep all vehicles, trailers and tents off grass. Please use designated parking areas. Maximum of two cars allowed per site, use designated visitor lots for other vehicles after unloading.  Under no circumstances are you permitted to park in any way that obstructs vehicle traffic.  Those who choose to park in unauthorized places may be subject to towing at owner’s expense.  Odetah is not responsible for damage to vehicles.  Any vehicle not bearing a current car pass or seasonal tag is subject to towing at owner’s expense.


Payment in full is expected at the time all reservations are made on-line, via phone or in person. We accept only walk-in reservations for one night subject to availability.  Under no circumstances will cabins or yurts be rented for only one night.  Walk-ins will ONLY be accepted during normal business hours.  No one without a reservation on file will be permitted to check in after normal business hours.

Check-In is 3:00PM. Check-Out is 12:00PM  Early check-in and late check-out will result in extra charges.  **Late Check-out is NOT available during the “Summer Camping Season”**

All No-Shows will automatically forfeit ALL payments made to Odetah and the reservation will be cancelled opening that site to other reservations.  Any reservation which has not checked in or called the office to notify of a late arrival will be considered a No-Show if not checked in by the close of business the day after the scheduled arrival.  There are no refunds for any reservation which is considered a No-Show.

Moving Reservation – See “Changing Dates of Stay” and “Cancellations” sections above.

Primary name on your reservation MUST be the person checking in.  No sites will be permitted to check-in without this person present.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  ID may be requested.  Credit card in the name of the primary name must be presented at time of check-in.

Minimum age to make a reservation is 18 years of age for tent and RV sites.  All rental units including the cabins and yurts require a minimum age of 21 years to make a reservation.  Photo ID may be requested at time of check-in.  If it is found that the person who’s name the reservation is in does not meet the minimum age upon check-in, the reservation cannot be transferred to another individual and all deposits and payment(s) paid to Odetah will be forfeited and the reservation cancelled.

No additional person(s) can be added to a reservation at the “additional camper” rate once you have checked in.  Additional campers are charged according to the time of season.  There is no charge for children under 3 years of age.  Campers from 3 years of age to 15 years of age are considered children.  Campers 16+ are considered adults.  Campers 65+ are considered seniors. In order to add additional campers to the reservation they must be added to the entire reservation and cannot be added for only specific dates. In order to remove additional campers from your reservation it must be done a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival date. Additional campers CANNOT be removed from holiday reservations once reservation has been paid, ALL SALES FINAL.  You will be charged for all people not removed from reservation within the 7 day time frame whether or not they are present for the reservation.

You are prohibited from switching people out on your reservation or allowing other people to “use your site” even if the number of campers remains the same.  Any sites caught doing this will be required to leave the property with no refund. Example: camper 1 and 2 check in.  camper 2 leaves and camper 3 comes in and takes their place.

Odetah cannot issue refunds for factors that are outside of our control such as weather, power outages, loss of utilities, natural disasters, etc.


Dogs and cats ONLY may be walked around the park but must be leashed at all times both on and off of your site unless in the dog park or participating in an Odetah organized activity allowing off-leash play. Fencing is not permitted to contain pets on site.  Continuously barking dogs will not be tolerated. We do not have any restrictions on pet breeds however; ANY animal which displays aggressive behavior, is a nuisance or is deemed unsafe to remain at Odetah by Management will be required to leave the property. By bringing your pet to Odetah you acknowledge that it has been properly licensed, is up to date on all vaccinations and is free from any communicable diseases. All pets must bear an identification tag as well as a current rabies tag on their collar at all times. Our staff reserves the right to request proof of rabies vaccination at any time. Failure to provide proof when requested will result in your pet being required to immediately leave the property. Campers will be held liable for any and all damage to property and injury to other people or pets which may result from their pet at Odetah. Any owner not cleaning up after their pet will be subject to ejection from the park. No refunds will be issued to campers that must leave due to their pet(s). Pets are also NOT permitted in any food service area (Oasis or Scoop Shack), inside any Odetah buildings, beach, playground, tennis/basketball court, pool/Jacuzzi area, in Odetah rental boats, or mini-golf course. Pets are permitted on all primitive tent, W/E/G and Full-Hookup sites unless otherwise noted for a special event. NO EXCEPTIONS. We do permit service animals as required by the ADA. Please let us know at check-in if you have a service animal with you.


Emergency messages will be brought to site and hung on door/tent if no one is available. All other messages will be posted in store on message board.


Site registrant is responsible for all charges posted to site during stay including but not limited to site fees, retail purchases, food/beverage purchases, etc.  All outstanding balances must be settled at time of check-out.  A description of charges is available in the office at any time.  During check-in any person who is given an Adult wristband will be allowed to post charges to the site during their stay.  All unsettled charges will automatically be charged to the credit card on-file for the reservation after the 12:00pm checkout time.


Absolutely NO fireworks, NO firearms, NO illegal drugs NO weapons. Large volume containers (kegs) of alcohol are not permitted.  Absolutely no firearms, weapons, illegal drugs, or fireworks are allowed to be used, held, or contained.  If any of these items are found, reported, discharged or used immediate police action and/or removal from Odetah will be taken.  Sparklers are prohibited.  Odetah does not allow the use of any Drones or other remote controlled airborne devices for safety and privacy reasons.  Gas powered remote control vehicles are not permitted for noise and safety reasons.  Any type of inflatable other than for single person use such as bounce house, slide, etc is expressly forbidden.  Slip and Slides and trampolines are not permitted.  Hoverboards, segways and any type of electric powered vehicle other than a 12v children’s ride-on are not permitted.  Children’s vehicles may not exceed 3mph and may not be used on steep slopes in the park.


Odetah reserves the right to amend or end a promotion at anytime with or without notice. Resort credits issued as part of a promotion cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. All credits become active at check-in and expire at check-out. Unused credits at check-out cannot be refunded or transferred.  Resort credits can not be applied towards the balance of your site charges.  Credits can only be used for the venues assigned and cannot be transferred (ie: $5 for Oasis and $5 for Store/Scoop Shack issued, the $5 for Oasis cannot be transferred for use in the Store/Scoop Shack). Promotional coupons and passes can only be used during normal business hours which are posted in the park. All promotional coupons and passes bear an expiration date and cannot be used past that date. Promotions may have certain criteria which must be met in order to book such as “online bookings only” or dates in which the booking must occur, there are NO EXCEPTIONS. Any reservation that is booked and moved or changed in any way after a promotion has been applied may no longer be eligible for a promotion if the booking period for that promotion has passed.  Promotional passes unless otherwise noted are limited to one per household per season, additional passes will be void.  At any time participants not adhering to rules of contests or promotions will be ineligible to receive or redeem prizes.


All pumpouts require a sign-up in the store by the close of business the day prior to the pumpout.  You must sign up in person as we will not accept signups via email, fax or phone.  Pumpouts are performed on Mondays and Thursdays.  Emergency and late sign-up pumpouts will incur extra fees which need to be paid prior to the pumpout being performed.  Odetah and its employees will not be responsible for and will be held harmless for any damage to a unit or site during a pumpout.  Every effort is made to ensure your valves are as they were prior to the pumpout, however it is your responsibility to ensure this has been done and your valves are in the correct position.  If you signed up for a pumpout and believe that you have been missed you must either report this to the office within 3 days of the pumpout date or prior to check-out whichever comes first.  If this is not done then we will be unable issue any credit in the event your site was missed.  Failure to use RV toilet paper and proper chemicals in your holding tank may clog your tank or cause us to not be able to successfully perform a pumpout.  If this is found to be the case you will be required to pay the appropriate fee if you would like another pumpout.


Quiet hours are 11:00pm-7:00am.  Children 15 and under must be on site by 10PM unless accompanied by an adult.  Quiet time in the pool area begins at 10PM.  Excessive noise will not be tolerated at any time of the day or night.  Use of power equipment (leaf blowers, weed wackers, etc) is prohibited from 3pm on Friday thru 1pm on Sunday and all holiday weekends.


Reservations can only be made online at www.odetah.com, via phone or in person.  ALL RESERVATIONS NOW REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD ON FILE.  No reservation will be taken without a credit card on file in the name of the primary person on the reservation.  There is a 2 night minimum for non-holiday reservations and a 3 night minimum on all holiday reservations and payment in full is required (except Premier Cabins which require a minimum 7 night/8 day booking during the “Summer Camping Season”). Holidays are Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Columbus Day, all holiday reservations must book at least the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night of the holiday weekend.  Please Note: No refunds for cancellation of holiday reservations.  Holiday reservations cannot be moved to another date or season or transferred to another’s name, ALL SALES FINAL FOR HOLIDAY RESERVATIONS.  No refunds will be issued for removing campers from holiday reservations as all sales are final. We only accept week long reservations (7 nights, 8 days) for the 4th of July holiday until May 29. On and after May 29 at 10AM we will take 3 day reservations for the 4th of July holiday(except for Premier Cabins which have a 7 night/8 day minimum during the “Summer Camping Season”).  We do not guarantee specific sites even if shown on your confirmation, however we do our best to accommodate our guests and campers.


We have on and off site staff available to handle security and emergency situations.  These individuals have the full authority of management to require anyone not following policies to leave the property.  Please call the security hotline only after normal business hours : 860-886-8124.  During normal business hours please alert a staff member or call the office for emergencies.  We have electronic gates in place to ensure monitored access to the park.  Please do not attempt to tamper with, circumvent, or otherwise disable or bypass the gates as this is grounds for immediate removal from the park.  There is a security feature preventing the same card from being used repeatedly to allow access and this is monitored and logged.  Odetah reserves the right to employ video recording systems to ensure park security.  Shoplifting and stealing is against the law and will result in police action and removal from property.



All water/electric sites have gray water systems for sink and shower water only. NO blackwater allowed. All guests must use a graywater adapter with garden hose. If you require a graywater adapter they are available for sale in the office.  NO sewer hoses allowed in graywater connections, NO EXCEPTIONS. Only full hook-up sites may use sewer hoses and dump blackwater.


Sites are clean when you arrive.  Do your best to pick up before leaving. Absolutely no throwing garbage or food in wooded areas.  We take cleanliness seriously, guests seen littering may be asked to leave the park with no refund.  Garbage must be bagged and placed by the road no later than 5:00pm for pickup.  Please do your part and secure any garbage not picked up so that animals do not create a mess over night.  Please feel free to place your bag in one of our many receptacles if you choose.  You must camp on your registered site.  Any site changes must be made on paper with the office.  Please remain within site boundaries and established walkways at all times.  Each FHK or WEG site is allowed up to ONE camping unit (trailer/motorhome/pop-up) and ONE additional tent. TENT sites are allowed up to TWO tents per site.  A maximum of 8 people are allowed on Tent, WEG and FHK sites. Deluxe and Premier Cabins have a maximum of 6 people and Standard Cabins and Yurts have a maximum of 5 people. Tents are NOT permitted on any Cabin or Yurt sites.  If you exceed the number of tents permitted per site you will be required to remove extra tents- NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please note that activities may take place in the safari field near sites if that is the area you have booked.  Due to health regulations we do not allow discharge of sinks or showers on the surface of the ground.  If you require hookup to drain sink or shower waste you MUST use the hookups on a W/E/G or FHK site.  We do not allow running a hose or extension cord to provide utilities onto a primitive tent site.  If you require utilities you must rent a W/E/G, FHK site or Deluxe Tent site.


Please dispose of butts in approved containers only.  Smoking is not permitted in the following areas: Social Hall, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Pool or Hot tub area, Oasis Deck, Inside any Rental units (Cabins or Yurts), inside any bath house or laundry facility or on the beach.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in removal from the area.


All swimming in park is at your own risk. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND NO ONE SWIM ALONE.  There is NO lifeguard on duty. Children 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult whenever swimming. No swimming after dark in the lake. All swimmers must remain within the marked swim areas. Life jackets will be available for sale and/or for a deposit only at the Oasis, Boat Shed and Store (all locations subject to hours of operation). We make available to and strongly recommend that all swimmers use a life jacket when in the water. Odetah reserves the right to limit the number of swimmers in any swim area at any time for safety reasons and you may be required to wait before entering a swim area in times of high camper volume.

Pool and Hot Tub are open daily at 10am.  Pool closes to those under 21 years of age at office closing time.  For our guests that are 21 or older pool is open until midnight.  Pool use is prohibited at any time other than posted operating hours.  Quiet hours in the pool area begin at 10pm.  Horseplay is not permitted in the pool/splashpad area or beach area and is grounds for removal from the area.  NO DIVING in the Pool or Lake.  “Breath holding” games are not permitted in any water area.  Glass containers are not permitted in the pool/hot tub/splashpad area.

(Hot Tub for guests 16 and over)

Per health code all who enter pool, jacuzzi or splashpad shall bathe with warm water and soap before entering.  Those who have or have had diarrhea in the last 2 weeks should not swim.  Swim diapers (non plastic) must be worn by users who are incontinent, lack toilet training, or are otherwise lacking voluntary control of excretory functions.  Pollution of swimming water is prohibited ie: Urinating, discharge of fecal matter, expectorating or blowing the nose.

Per health code the following apply to the jacuzzi:
-Elderly persons and those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure should not enter the jacuzzi.
-Do not use while under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, hypnotics, narcotics or tranquilizers.
-Do not use alone.
-Observe a reasonable time limit, (preferably not longer than 15 minutes) then shower, cool down and, if you wish, return for another brief stay. Long exposures may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting.
-Oils, Body Lotions and Soaps. Oils, body lotions and soaps shall be completely removed by the bather prior to use of public spas.

It is also strongly recommended that those who are or may be pregnant consult their physician prior to using the jacuzzi.

In times of dangerous weather conditions as determined by staff (ie: thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc.) swimming areas will be closed.  Management will make the decision to reopen areas when it is deemed that the conditions have passed.  Swim areas may also be closed at any time for maintenance reasons.


Tent reservations are required to book on our Primitive or Deluxe Tent sites only and MUST list camping equipment at the time of booking. If the incorrect camping equipment is falsely provided, you will be asked to switch to the proper site type if one is available. If the proper site is not available, you will forfeit any and all payments made to Odetah and asked to leave.

One (1) sleeping tent is permitted on a WEG/FHK as long as it is accompanied by an acceptable recreational vehicle (RV). Acceptable recreational vehicles are Travel Trailers/Fifth Wheels/Motorhomes/Pop-ups. Tents solely without approved RVs will not be allowed to check in on WEG/FHK sites. The use of personal vehicles (cars, vans, or trucks) for sleeping purposes on our Full Hook-Up and Water/Electric/Graywater (WEG) camping sites is strictly prohibited and will not be considered as a RV in place of listed approved vehicles. 

Tents are not permitted on Cabin and Yurt sites. 

Violation of this policy may result in the immediate removal from the resort premises without refund.


Do not tie, hang, nail or fasten any objects from trees. No clothes lines, chains, or lanterns please. Staff reserves the right to remove items if guest does not obey. Under no circumstances are guests permitted to cut or break trees, shrubs, etc. 


Speed limit in the park is 5MPH.  Guests not obeying speed limit may have wristbands deactivated and may be required to park in visitor lot for duration of stay.  No unregistered vehicles such as mopeds, scooters, Segways or golf carts are allowed in the park.  We do allow motorized scooters for our handicapped guests.  All vehicles operated in the park such as cars, trucks, motorcycles must carry valid registration and insurance.  Any registered vehicle not approved as street legal in the state of CT is prohibited such as but not limited to GEM Cars.  Any operation of a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate police action.  No work on vehicles is permitted on the property including but not limited to maintenance (oil changes) or repairs.


Visitors and guests are only permitted for our Seasonal campers. Any additional people may be added to your reservation(s) at the time of booking and wristbands will be provided for them. If the number of camping guests exceed our site maximum limit, it is recommended that additional sites be added to accommodate everyone.


By using Odetah’s wifi system you agree that you will not use it for illegal purposes and your access can be terminated at any time by management if you are found to be abusing the network, using excessively high bandwidth or if management deems it necessary.  This network is filtered and monitored as deemed appropriate by management.  If you come across a site which you feel has been blocked in error please email [email protected] with the url.  Please do not call the office because they do not have the ability to unblock sites.  There are no guarantees either expressed or implied as to the reliability, availability, or security of the wireless network.  This is an open network and the transmission of sensitive material is not recommended.  From time to time there may be system outages due to upgrades, equipment issues, or problems beyond our control.  Odetah does not supply any technical support in connecting to this network and its employees are not permitted to make any changes or modifications to any customer computers.  You must agree to the Terms of Service in order to use this system.


All campers and guests are required to wear wristbands at all times while on resort property.  The only areas not requiring wristbands are outside the gates in the parking lots, inside office, scoop shack and mini golf (Wristbands are required in all other areas of the resort).  Guests that are not wearing a band will be required to go to the office immediately and wait for the registered camper they are visiting to come into the office to register them or will need to leave the property, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Guests under 3 are not required to wear a wristband but still must be registered.  Anyone over the age of 3 without a wristband will be denied service at the Oasis, Boat Shed, and will not be permitted to participate in activities.  In addition staff will be continually monitoring all areas of the park and those without bands will be asked to register with the office or leave the property.  (For non-seasonal campers):The replacement fee for a lost wristband is $10 per band(up to one replacement per reservation), if you have a band that has been damaged or is not scanning it will be replaced free of charge as long as you bring the damaged band in its entirety to exchange.  In order to issue a replacement for a lost band the person who is listed as the site holder must be present with Photo identification and the person needing the band must also be present with ID (unless under 18 years of age), NO EXCEPTIONS.  Replacement bands MUST be placed on wrist before leaving the office/guard shack.  Odetah will replace up to 1 lost wristband per reservation at the $10 fee.  In the event additional bands are needed due to being lost the full additional camper rate will be billed to the account for the entire stay per additional band and must be paid before an additional band will be issued.  (For Seasonal Campers):The replacement fee for a lost wristband is $10 per band (up to one replacement per account), if you have a band that has been damaged or is not scanning it will be replaced free of charge as long as you bring the damaged band in its entirety to exchange.  In order to issue a replacement for a lost band the person who is listed as the site lessee must be present with Photo identification and the person needing the band must also be present with ID (unless under 18 years of age), NO EXCEPTIONS.  Odetah will replace up to 1 lost wristband per account at the $10 fee.  In the event additional bands are needed due to being lost the full dependent camper rate will be billed to the account and is payable before additional band can be issued.  (Non-Camper Seasonal Visitors):  Lost bands will be billed to at the full visitor rate for replacement.  Odetah reserves the right to limit the number of replacement bands at any time to any account if an excessive amount of bands are being damaged or lost.


Management shall have the full authority in the enforcement of these rules & regulations and shall be allowed to make additional changes and temporary decisions with or without notice.   Management reserves the right to evict without prior notice, anyone who in our judgment, creates a disturbance or deliberately violates any of the above policies, destroys property, or creates a nuisance.  No repayment of fees will be made in the event of such eviction.  Management also reserves the right to deny current or future service to anyone who has not been in compliance with resort policies with or without notice.  Any appeal of a denial of service must be made in writing to the office for review.  By booking a reservation you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to all Odetah policies.